Huw Powell
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A few facts about the author:

  1. Huw never does his top button up on his shirt… ever… not even when he’s wearing a tie. It’s a habit that began in school and it has stuck ever since.
  2. Huw always wears 2 pairs of socks. This started as a teenager when he bought a pair of leather boots, to avoid getting blisters.
  3. During his life, Huw has had long hair, short hair, a skin head and a thick goatee beard, but he is happy with his current look.
  4. Huw was a reporter on a 5-part BBC children’s television show called Artifax when he was 15 years old. His lines included: “Don’t try this in your family car” and “It’s like the Amazon in here.”
  5. Huw’s first story was a western called The Rider, which he wrote when he was a small child, but was never published. He also wrote a space tale called Haven-Six about a futuristic female detective.
  6. Huw wrote an adult conspiracy thriller called Rush Hour Rules in 2009.
  7. Huw is the younger brother of award winning science-fiction author, Gareth L Powell, whose adult novels include Ack-Ack Macaque and The Recollection.
  8. Huw worked for Lloyds Bank for over 17 years (slightly longer than the poet T S Eliot).
  9. Huw is an active supporter of initiatives that encourage young people to read, such as the National Literacy Trust’s ‘Premier League Reading Stars’ and the Reading Agency’s ‘Summer Reading Challenge’.
  10. Huw has been the Patron of Reading for Writhlington School in Radstock and Waycroft Academy in Bristol.