Huw Powell
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Spacejackers Cover


Jake Cutler is on the run. He’s being chased by space pirates but he doesn’t know why.

Saved by the crew of a rusty old spaceship called the Dark Horse, Jake sets off on an adventure through the seven solar systems. But will he discover the truth about his past before the space pirates catch up with him?

UK: 3 July 2014
Australia: 3 July 2014
New Zealand: 3 July 2014
USA: 16 June 2015
Canada: 30 June 2015

Paperback / eBook -
Bloomsbury Publishing

Audiobook -
W F Howes Ltd

Shortlisted for
Teach Primary
‘New Children’s Fiction Awards’
June 2015

Literature Works ‘Book of the Month’ August 2014

USA and Canada cover

UK, Australia and New Zealand cover

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